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Benefits of being an SSR member

We strive to promote excellence in medical radiography in the nation and beyond.


Have your voice heard
The Singapore Society of Radiographers is neutral point of reference for the ministries, government agencies, health care institutions, schools and the public. We serve as a non-biased voice for practicing diagnostic radiographers and radiation therapists, giving expert opinion and advice. We communicate with both local and international counterparts for the best interest of the society and the greater public.


While we are not an industrial union, we do represent the interest of all our members who practice as diagnostic radiographers and radiation therapists. We uphold the professionalism, standard of practice and the domains of expert knowledge. When we speak, we speak we speak for you, as a whole organization in one collective voice.

Continuous professional development (CPD) sessions
Continuous professional development an essential activity undertaken by professionals to ensure that knowledge is kept up to date with technological improvements in our respective professional fields.


Discounted Conferences and Symposiums
The Singapore Society of Radiographers organises the conferences and symposiums that provide a good platform for exchange of experiences and ideas. Members are entitled to special rates for these conferences.


Networking platform
Have a difficult clinical problem that you’ve had a hard time figuring out? Looking for collaboration opportunities? Curious to learn who just got married? Or who has a new addition to the family?


The Singapore Society of Radiographers organises regular social and educational events where diagnostic radiographers and radiation therapists get together to chat and interact. We all practice within the silos of our own institution of practice. Opportunities like these are hard to come by in our busy professional lives. Society events big and small are great platforms where get can get together without the stresses of the workplace catch up with old friends and make new ones.


As for the difficult clinical problem, you can certainly find help and information from within the network of experts in the SSR. Someone might already have conquered your problem and all you had to do was ask!

There are no events in the listing.