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What Do Diagnostic Radiographers Do?

Diagnostic Radiographers specialise in using a wide range of imaging equipment and technique to provide high quality imaging services to aid the diagnosis of a disease or injury. Diagnostic Radiographers play an important role in providing imaging services within the different departments of a hospital, including the accident and emergency, operating theatre and the intensive care units. 

What Do Radiation Therapists Do?

The Radiation Therapists specialise in the planning and delivery of accurate radiotherapy treatments using a wide range of ionizing-radiation producing equipment. Radiation Therapists play an important role in the administering, documenting and monitoring the patient’s prescribed course of treatment. 

Radiation Safety & You

Radiation in medical imaging

Radiation doses used in medical imaging have low probabilities of damaging cells within the body.

To ensure that the public is not excessively exposed to radiation unnecessarily, medical imaging involving radiation is performed when the medical benefits far outweigh the risk of danger to the patient. Radiographers also practice the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle when performing procedures involving radiation. Its chief aim is to produce a diagnostic image with the least amount of radiation.

Radiation in therapy

The radiation doses used in therapy are much higher than that of diagnostic tests as the aim of therapy is to destroy the cancer cells within the body. During treatment the area that receives maximum dose of radiation is very carefully shaped to minimise radiation exposure to the healthy tissue surrounding the cancer. This ensures that as much of the healthy tissue is preserved as possible.

Facts about radiation

Radiation is everywhere! Radiation is emitted from the sun, radon in the ground and old building materials. Even bananas are radioactive from the high Potassium content. Radiation exposure accumulates in the body but our cells constantly try to repair and regenerate themselves.

How to be safe around radiation

Listen to your attending radiographer, we are here to look out for you! 
Do not enter the X-ray room when the red light is on. 
Stay within the designated areas in radiation therapy suites.
Ask your doctor or radiographer if you have any concerns regarding radiation exposure during tests.

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