Code of Ethics
Singapore Society of Radiographers
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Code of Ethics


  1. A member shall conduct himself as a person of integrity and shall observe the principles and spirit of this Code in a manner compatible with the dignity of his/her professional.
  2. A member shall provide services to the patient with consideration of human dignity, unrestricted by consideration of sex, race, creed, social, or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of the health problem.
  3. A member shall make every effort to protect all patients under his care, and other persons from unnecessary radiation.
  4. A member shall conduct and exercise his responsibilities in cognisant within the bounds of his profession.
  5. A member shall judiciously protect the patient s right to privacy and under no circumstances should any confidential information be divulged beyond ethical channels of communication.
  6. A member shall continually strive to improve his knowledge and skills by participating in educational and professional activities and sharing the benefits of this attainment with his colleagues.
  7. A member shall not accept patients for examination or treatment unless the patient has been referred to him by a registered medical or dental practitioner.

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